Tuesday, February 19, 2008

ZTE NBN Deal Cotroversy Poll

The ZTE National Broadband Network Deal or controversy which started September last year is still until now the Philippines hottest headline news. Everyday I watch Philippine news, more than half of the news is about the ZTE NBN deal controversy.

I am sure that most of us Filipinos have heard about this expose brought up by the former speaker of the house son Joey de Venecia against the former Comelec Chairman Benjamin Abalos. The young de Venecia was said to be offered a $10 million to back off on the deal to so that the contract for the said deal will go to ZTE.

Months had passed a new whistle blower had come out and revealed everything he knew about the ZTE NBN scam in the person of Jun Lozada.

Let's see what will happen to this investigation or hearing in the senate. So who do u think is lying? Is it Lozada or Abalos?

Cast your vote now and give your comment/opinion.