Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Manny Villar Spent P70.4 Million on TV Ads?

If you are running for a seat in politics especially higher positions like President, Vice-President and Senator, you only have limited time to make yourself known all over the country. How will you do this? One way is through the use of TV ads.

It has been a practice in Philippines for aspiring candidates for higher positions to make their own TV ads. We all know that this costs a lot of money, but to those who are rich, this is not a problem.

Manny Villar wa said to have spent his biggest tv ads amounting to P70.4 million pesos last January. Just imagine how much he had already spent with all those tv commercial ads being played on your television.

Got this info from a newspaper where it shows the amount spent on Tv ads.

Enero 22-24 (Total TV ads) P70,427,777.50

*71 30-60 seconds spot P30,992,307.50

*67 30-60 seconds spots P33,556,270.00
Cinema One

*9 30-60 seconds spots P440,000.00

*12 30-60 seconds spots P403,200.00

*9 30-60 seconds spots P374,000.00
Studio 23

*3 30 seconds spots P180,000.00
TV 5

*14 30-60 seconds spots P4,482,000.00

Villar not only have Tv ads, he also have online advertisements on Google, Youtube and the popular social media site Facebook. I will not be suprise to see more online ads as they said, he has billions of pesos to spend for his presidential campaign.