Thursday, May 13, 2010

Philippines Election 2010 Update

Philippines Election 2010 Updates – Though there are still some election returns which has yet to be counted, it is very clear that Noynoy Aquino wins the Philippines election 2010. The final results are known, and the highlights are with Noynoy Aquino. This is going to be one great change for the country as promising man in the form of Noynoy Aquino gets a chance to change the status of the country.

Noynoy believed that running mate Mar Roxas will be able to make it against Jejomar Binay. Philippines Election 2010 runners, Manny Villar and Gibo Teodor conceded against NoyNoy Aquino after the partial results were released by COMELEC.

Based from the data below, Noynoy Aquino stays on the top spot for the country’s most coveted presidential position. The Filipino people it seems still holds fresh the candidate’s mother’s recent death in their minds. Be it because of sympathy or because of intellectual reasons, the numbers do not lie. The majority of the Filipino people want him as the new president.

President Votes
Aquino, Benigno Simeon III C.

Estrada Ejercito, Joseph M.

Villar, Manuel Jr B.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Erap Did Not Vote Binay for Vice President?

Most people fear a failure of elections would happen and I doubt it if there were no problems on today's election. But I am still optimistic that all in all everything would turn out fine. There is a video which was uploaded in Youtube showing Former President and 2010 Presidentiables Erap Estrada casting his vote for the first automated election in the country.

Looking at the video, Erap skipped the row for the vice presidents and proceeded on choosing for the senators.

Here is a sample of a ballot so you have idea how the ballot looks like just in case you did not cast your vote today.

Did Erap really forgot to cast his vote for the position Vice President? Was there an intention of not voting Mayor Jejomar Binay for Vice President?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Will Willie Revillame Finally Leaves ABS CBN Wowowee?

Several days back, Willie Revillame was furiously mad and aired his extreme disappointment over Jobert Sucaldito, an entertainment columnist, radio show biz commentator, and segment host of the TV gossip program “The Buzz” and announced that he would resign if ABS CBN management refuse to fire Jobert.

Willie has been absent from Wowowee show for 3 consecutive days now. And the question of those people who want him out of the show is will he really leave the wowowee? ABS CBN news has reported that there were Anti Willie Revillame movement in Facebook which has around 33,ooo members. Checking the site now will show you that it increased to more than 40,ooo members.

There are also a PRO Willie Movement fan page on Facebook which has around 3,ooo members.

Do you think Willie Revillame will finally leave ABS CBN's show Wowowee?