Thursday, January 29, 2009

Taktak Mo O Tatakbo Eat Bulaga Scandal?

If before Wowowee show was involved in a scandal, today Eat Bulaga is the topic of scandal in its segment Takatak Mo Tatakbo jackpot round.

The male contestant spun the roulette and it stopped almost midway the 1 million pesos. It was very obvious on the video below that the pointer was pointing on the side of the roullete and the pointers shadow was in between the 1 million and 50,000but Vic Sotto said, “Ako tingin ko rito lamang sa, walang ano ‘to ha lamang sa singkwenta..”

I am not an avid fan of Eat Bulaga nor other show but I'm sure it is not their intention to fool the contestants and soon they will do something about this matter. It's just another mistake of a noon time show.


Anonymous said...

kapatid alam mo ba kung saan ang center? ang camera poh at di nasa gitna. at di ikaw ang pwedeng mag judge noh kc pinanood mo lang sa tv.

kung meron man mag rereklamo eh dapat yung mga audience doon.

Channel 2 nga naman. may special group na para maghanap ng mali sa 7..he..he.he

Hulaan ko kung sino ka? WILLIE IKAW BA YAN? HE..HE..HE

Philippine Headline News said...

i understand from your comment that you are a Kapuso.

i have mentioned in the post that i am not an avid fan of either wowowee or eat bulaga.

this blog was created to share opinions of the latest news that is going on in Philippines whether it is entertainment, politics etc...

thanks for your comment and come visit again for your opinions...